Punches & Tubes:
Standard and Custom

We stock and sell a large variety of round and fancy tubes for use in hand punches, clicker dies, machine dies, kick presses, RMH dies etc. OVER 200,000 in stock.

Removable Screw Tubes

Our premium punch, ideal for volume applications or when interchangeability is desired. We stock all sizes in two heights: 3/8 inch and 3/4 inch. Other heights available upon request. Removable crew stabs are available in 1/8 inch diameter.

Removable Screw Tubes for Punches

Metric Punches

All metric punches are constructed from high quality silver steel. We stock four basic types, all 19 or 32 millimeter height: feed thru/back clearing; side ejection; double edge; and in shoulder tubes.

Metric Punches

Crewe Punches

Imported from Europe and constructed from high-grade steel. We stock the sizes shown in both 19 and 32 millimeter height. Custom sizes fabricated upon request. Crewe punches are also available with center chisels to enhance strength as part of removable plates.

Crewe Punches
GlobalDie Punches

Feed-Thru Punches

Our most economical punch. We stock sizes up to 3 inches. Available in 8 different heights. Please specify desired bevel: Center; Outside: or Inside bevel.

Feed=Thru Punches


Removable screw stabs are available in a 1/8 inch diameter. Solid pin point stabs and super stabs are available in 3/32 inch, 1/8 inch, and 5/32 inch. Super stabs are constructed from specially hardened drill bit stock for use with problem materials.

Removable Screw Stabs

What We Do

We manufacture precision, cost-effective cutting tools and cutting dies for leading consumer products companies and converters.

We utilize the latest technology to custom engineer quality, long lasting tools and cutting dies. Our cutting dies can be made to your specifications and your deadlines.

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