Marker Ribbon:
Displaying Our Commitment to Footwear

We have obtained the technology to produce Marker Ribbon as a means to reinforce our commitment to the footwear industry. We are manufacturing the ink marker ribbon in house to insure that our die customers and footwear industry partners have a quality means of making their footwear components.

We produce Marker Ribbon (ink marking ribbon ) for marking heat embossing machines and others. This ribbon is commonly used on the following machines:

  • Maxam D4, Maxam D8, Maxam 865, Maxam 865J
  • JR
  • JRW
  • JRWW
  • Allied
  • Foy
  • WSK PP33, WSK PP34F
  • Wes

We support all of the marking machines listed above. Here is our available stock ribbon.

SpoolsWidthUsed on This Type Marking Machine
Fiber8 inchFoy
Metal9.75 inch302
Fiber10 inchSM Allied
Meta12 inch865
Meta13 inchJR
Fiber15 inchLG Allied
Meta16 inchJRW
Meta19.75 inchJRWW and Western

GlobalDie Marker Ribbon

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