Clicker Dies: Made for Today’s Cutting Requirements.

PreSharp Dies

With our Viking-Flex™ and Viking-Tex™ steel dies, discover how your company can lower it’s tooling costs without sacrificing any of the quality and durability you have come to expect.

Our edge-hardened, pre-sharpened knife steel, which we refer to it as “Presharp”, is a high technology, lead-hardened steel that has revolutionized the die-making process. One of Austria’s oldest and most respected steel mills developed a unique process whereby the cutting edge of the steel is brought to optimum hardness, yet the body of the steel remains malleable enough to be shaped to your specific pattern. As an added benefit, this type of steel actually flexes when subjected to the severe stress that would normally crack a more brittle forged die.

GlobalDie combines the best of the “old school” die methodology and stat-of-the-art materials to produce precision, high quality cutting tools that help you meet the delivery demands of a lean production.

Some of our bevels:

clicker die bevels

Single Edge

For most cutting applications, single edge steel remains the most widely used. The cutting edge of this steel is brought to optimum hardness by high frequency treatment. The bevel is engineered to remain sharp, even after prolonged use.

Double Edge

Widely used in the shoe and glove trades, where identical left and right pieces are being cut.


Serrated Edge

This steel features a sheer tooth that is best suited for cutting textiles. Significant advantages include: easier cutting of problem materials; reduced cutting pressure; reduced or eliminated fusing; and undercutting is held to a minimum.


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