About GlobalDie

GlobalDie has very long history in the die making industry. We have combined and acquired numerous die making companies over the last few years. Size matters, if you are looking for stability, quality and professional service. We have been fortunate that by acquiring these companies we have also acquired diverse know how, skills and technology. We have kept good practices and abandoned poor ones; we have and still are refining our service to you. While we are not perfect, we aim to be in the future.

Our current size allows us to use state of the art technology, not only for die making and machining but also for customer relationship management. Our mission is to be a great company for great customers and never loose sight of you the customer.

We hope that you will enjoy working with us a company that under promises and over delivers.

In order to provide you with local support and contact, we have and are assembling a team of professionals. This is a continuing effort and if you know someone or are interested workings with us, please contact us.

GlobalDie combines the talents of Enefco International, Inc., Androscoggin Die, Central Die, New Era Die, Maine Die, Diamex USA , T. J. Edwards, Auburn Industrial Engraving, and Industrial Cutting Die in an expanded facility with precision equipment.

What We Do

We manufacture precision, cost-effective cutting tools and cutting dies for leading consumer products companies and converters.

We utilize the latest technology to custom engineer quality, long lasting tools and cutting dies. Our cutting dies can be made to your specifications and your deadlines.

Contact Us

Toll-Free: 800-917-3747

Phone: 1+ 207-514-7252

Fax: 207-514-7202

Email: quotes@globaldie.com

GlobalDie - P.O. Box 1120

Auburn, Maine 04211